Microcapsules containing Dill essential oil

01. Product description

Dry microcapsules of dill oil obtained by coacervation in order to preserve the active ingredient extracted from the plant Anethum Graveolens and to allow the formulation of solid oral forms (hard capsules, dispersible single-dose sachets) while maintaining its beneficial properties. The dimensions of the microcapsules are included between 100 and 600 μm, with an oil content of up to 85%.

02. General information

Dill is a beneficial ingredient for the entire gastrointestinal tract. Its main components are Carvone and Limonene [1]. This oil is excellent for those who suffer from digestive problems or are subject to colic. Its diuretic effects make it a valid remedy for those suffering from water retention. The microencapsulated dill oil is able to stimulate bile and gastric juices, improving intestinal peristalsis. It also has purifying, calming and antioxidant effects [2].

03. Composition

Bibliographic notes

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