Supplier of microencapsulated raw material for Omega 3-based supplements

Omega 3 fatty acids are recognized for their numerous health benefits, including support for cardiovascular, brain, and visual function. However, many consumers face difficulties in effectively incorporating these essential fatty acids into their daily diet due to their limited presence in common foods. Therefore, Omega 3 supplementation often becomes the only viable option.

IPS positions itself as a leading supplier in this context, overcoming the traditional limitations presented by this ingredient through microencapsulation. This technology allows to protect fish oil rich in Omega 3 into dry microcapsules, preserving its chemical and physical stability. Each microcapsule contains a concentration of fish oil ranging between 80 and 90%. This is a clear quality indicator for consumers who need to supplement Omega 3 and is therefore a major advantage for dietary supplement manufacturers.

Microencapsulated raw material for Omega 3-based supplements

But IPS's innovation doesn't stop at product quality; it also aims to meet consumers' practical needs. Often, the strong taste of fish oil becomes a significant barrier to regular intake. Being coated with a polymeric membrane, IPS microcapsules partially mask odors and flavors instead.

IPS's scientific and technological forefront in the field of microencapsulation thus positions the company as a leader in supplying raw materials for Omega 3-based supplements. Thanks to this innovation, supplement manufacturers can create highly diversified formulations, from hard capsules to orodispersible single-dose sachets, and even single-dose vials with a dosing cap, thereby expanding the range of offerings in the market.