Supplier of Microencapsulated Raw Material for Clove-based Dietary Supplements

Cellular aging is a topic of increasing relevance, with numerous industries investing in this sector. Among the various raw materials in use, cloves have garnered considerable attention due to their well-documented analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties.

The presence of eugenol, its primary component, imparts antioxidant properties to clove essential oil, making it an essential component in combatting free radicals and the process of cellular aging. Scientific studies have also emphasized eugenol's potential contribution to cardiovascular health and blood sugar regulation, rendering clove-based dietary supplements highly sought after.

supplier of clove nutraceutical raw materials

Ensuring the quality of dietary supplements is paramount for maintaining consumer interest. This is why innovative techniques are increasingly under exploration. IPS employs the state-of-the-art microencapsulation by coacervation method, representing cutting-edge technology in the industry. This method allows the encapsulation of essential oil within dry microcapsules, preserving the integrity and efficacy of the active ingredient. Not only does this process ensure the stability of the final product, but it also facilitates a controlled release of active ingredients post-consumption, thereby optimizing absorption and therapeutic effectiveness.

The microcapsules vary in size from 100 to 600 μm, with an oil content of up to 85% and eugenol content ranging from 75% to 88%. This provides dietary supplement manufacturers with a high-quality ingredient that can be easily incorporated into various preparations, such as hard capsules or dispersible single-dose packets.

Partnering with a supplier of microencapsulated raw materials like IPS means staying ahead in the dietary supplement market. Simply releasing a functional product is no longer sufficient. What truly sets a product apart today is the ability to leverage scientific research to create a versatile final product that caters to diverse needs