Supplier of Microencapsulated Serenoa Repens

Serenoarepens (W. Bartram) is a spiny dwarf palm belonging to the Arecaceae family, native to the United States. It has gained notoriety in the field of nutraceuticals and food supplements, in particular for its benefits on benign prostatic hypertrophy and androgenetic alopecia (baldness / hair loss) in men and women.

But how can a producer ensure that the potential of Serenoa Repens is exploited to the fullest? The answer lies in microencapsulation technology, and IPS emerges as a leader in this field, positioning itself as the leading supplier of microencapsulated Serenoa Repens.

IPS is not only a manufacturer of microencapsulated Serenoa Repens, but has revolutionized the way this ingredient is presented and used. The key to its success lies in microencapsulation by coacervation: an advanced technique with many advantages over traditional methods.

Supplier of Microencapsulated Serenoa Repens

The dry microcapsules produced by IPS through coacervation in the aqueous phase contain a phytotherapeutic lipophilic extract of Serenoa Repens. This extract is obtained without the use of solvents, through supercritical CO2 , thus guaranteeing purity and absence of potentially harmful residues. The extract is rich in essential fatty acids such as oleic, lauric, myristic, linoleic, linolenic, palmitic, caprylic and capric acids. Additionally, it contains vital sterols such as β-sitosterol, β-sitosterol-3-O-glucoside, campesterol and stigmasterol.

The dimensions of the microcapsules is between 100 and 600 μm, and can contain up to 85% oil. This high concentration and versatility of the microcapsules allow them to be incorporated into various solid oral formulations such as:

  • hard capsules
  • sachets
  • orodispersible formulations.

The main advantage? The nutritional characteristics of the extract remain unchanged, ensuring that consumers receive all the benefits of Serenoa Repens in every dose.

In a market where quality and efficacy are paramount, IPS stands out as the leading supplier of microencapsulated Serenoa Repens. Their dedication to innovation and the use of technologies ensures that supplement manufacturers can offer high quality products to their consumers.