Microencapsulated Extracts and Raw Materials

The production of microencapsulated extracts and raw materials used to make food supplements is an increasingly expanding market. In fact, an increasing number of companies, including IPS, are turning to the commercialisation of microencapsulated products. The benefits that come with this technique used to coat raw materials are innumerable and are far beyond initial expectations.


Microencapsulation of raw materials

The microencapsulation of raw materials takes place through a process called three-stage coacervation. This process consists in a polymer coating precipitating onto the surface of a substance. Various limitations seen in classic supplements are overcome when using this procedure, obtaining a much more versatile product.

The microencapsulation of active ingredients is an increasingly advanced process that allows the use of very high concentrations (up to 87%) of the active ingredient. Everything is made even more effective by the controlled release of these substances within the body. This allows for consumers to avoid irritating heartburn and for unpleasant odours and tastes to be masked.

These are just some of the advantages that come with the use of microencapsulated raw materials. Another interesting point of view is the conservation of these active ingredients. Classic supplements are actually exposed to the irradiation of UV rays which cause their oxidation. Flowactives® products, however, are better protected from degradation, and, consequently, have longer-lasting effects.

The process of microencapsulation of volatile active ingredients is another incredible advantage to this new technology. In fact, liquid or volatile substances that were previously impossible to take easily, can now be easily taken in the form of practical coated capsules.


Microencapsulated extracts

Extracts for the nutraceutical industry are among the most popular with consumers, due to these natural substances’ incredible properties. Nutraceuticals come from the active ingredients of foods that have positive effects on health and that can be used for the production of food supplements. Nutraceutical plant extracts are the most popular in the industry and, thanks to their extremely versatile properties, present endless opportunities for their application.

Microencapsulated extracts for nutraceutical food application can be used for the maintenance of well-being, for the prevention of diseases and to strengthen the immune system. Technological innovation has also made it possible to expand this sector to nutritional sports drinks as well as cosmetic products.

The production of these microencapsulated raw materials has allowed a more targeted use of some substances. For example, microencapsulated vegetable oil extracts have proven very useful for various applications, such as the onset of intestinal problems. Fish oil is another example of a microencapsulated food supplement, useful for its anti-inflammatory and protective effects against cardiovascular diseases.

Continuous scientific research has led to the production of an ever increasing number of Flowactives® microencapsulated supplements. At the same time, encapsulated raw materials are starting to expand into a variety of sectors. Lastly, different active ingredients can now be combined in order to create personalised microencapsulated extracts, ideal for targeted applications and adaptable to the needs of each individual.

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Products FlowActives®

Technical information: composition, characterization, characteristics

Below are the technical data sheets of some of the oils and extracts that we have microencapsulated for our customers:


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