Microencapsulation in the food sector

For some years now, food microencapsulation has revolutionised the food supplement industry. This is because limitations that come with the production of classic supplements are avoided when using this process, creating a number of benefits. Microencapsulation for food application consists of coating both liquid and solid raw materials with a thin polymer membrane.

The most commonly used process for microencapsulation is that of three-stage coacervation. Microencapsulation by coacervation produces products of a much higher quality than traditional supplements. In fact, in addition to greater stability and durability, encapsulating food supplements allows for an increase in the concentration of active ingredients by up to 87%.

Dry microcapsules for food use have also proven useful for masking unpleasant odours and flavours. Furthermore, this process has allowed for the production of supplements containing products that were previously unusable due to side effects such as severe heartburn. In effect, another advantage of microencapsulation in the food sector is its ability to protect the active ingredient from gastric juices, carrying it directly into the intestine.

Microencapsulation of food is an increasingly advanced technology that allows for a controlled release of the active ingredients, guaranteeing an effectiveness never seen in classic supplements. Among the most used dry microcapsules for food application is, for example, rosemary. This has proven extremely useful in stimulating digestion and cleansing the liver. Furthermore, thanks to the coacervation of microcapsules of this type, it has become possible to associate the main product with other plant extracts, for example favouring the maintenance of liver function.

The food microencapsulation sector is constantly growing and is gradually surpassing classic supplements. Its continuous evolution allows us to create a product that targets the specific needs of any customer.

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Products FlowActives®

Technical information: composition, characterization, characteristics

Below are the technical data sheets of some of the oils and extracts that we have microencapsulated for our customers:


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