Microencapsulation of Essential Oils

Microencapsulation of essential oils is an increasingly advanced process that allows for nutritional and healing substances to be assimilated within the body. We define the microencapsulation of nutraceuticals as the protection, through a thin polymeric membrane, of components or active ingredients of foods that have positive effects on our health.

This is made possible thanks to technologically advanced processes that enable the microencapsulation of essential oils, which increases the effectiveness of the active ingredient and stabilises it. Microencapsulation by coacervation with active ingredients has numerous advantages compared to taking sachets or tablets. The approval of consumers is such that in recent years its market has increased significantly, creating a range of different applications.

In fact, in addition to the microencapsulation of essential oils used to care for and heal the human body, its application in the aesthetic field is also expanding. Some companies have actually begun to microencapsulate oil extracts with the aim of expanding the market towards the cosmetic sector. In this sense, microencapsulating essential oils is useful for the composition of fragrances with optimised properties.

One of the most common uses of microencapsulation of oily extracts is the incorporation of perfumes or fragrances into cards and other printable materials. In fact, through this production method, the essences are protected from biological degradation, thus obtaining a longer life-span.

Furthermore, microencapsulating oily extracts prevents the risk of losing volatile aromatic substances, essential for our perception of perfume. The release of aromas is gradual and can be adjusted as desired. This results in a production that is no longer limited to a few simple options, but one that is aimed at the needs of the individual consumer. The result is a personalised product suitable for every kind of specific need.

New technologies underlying nutraceutical and cosmetic microencapsulation are in continuous development, so much so that over time they could give way to further applications.

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Products FlowActives®

Technical information: composition, characterization, characteristics

Below are the technical data sheets of some of the oils and extracts that we have microencapsulated for our customers:


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