Production of microcapsules and supply of microencapsulated raw materials for supplements

With 40 years of experience, IPS has now become an innovative company able to offer a large number of services to its consumers. The company deals in the production of dry microcapsules for third parties produced through microencapsulation by coacervation. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, IPS has become an important raw materials supplier for food supplement production, able to meet the expectations of each customer.

The production of personalised Flowactives® supplements is one of the company's most cutting-edge innovations. In fact, thanks to this microencapsulation process, it is possible to convert the raw material from liquid to solid state. Furthermore, the process favours the mixing of previously incompatible substances, giving the possibility of creating personalised  supplements suitable for every need.

In addition to third-party small-batch microcapsule manufacturing, IPS deals in the supply of microencapsulated essential oils and other raw materials that are used to produce the Flowactives® dry microcapsules requested by the customer. The latter are insoluble in water and are ideally placed in hard capsules or stick packs / sachets.

Products made by IPS offer a large number of advantages over classic supplements. In addition to those already mentioned, there is the advantage of a greater conservation and stability of the products and the possibility of incorporating the active ingredient in concentrations up to 87%. Moreover, at the request of customers, IPS can create gastro-resistant membranes, capable of releasing the active ingredient only within the desired intestinal tract, avoiding heartburn.

IPS is one of the most advanced third-party food microcapsule manufacturers in the sector. Microcapsule manufacturing methods, coupled with ongoing chemical research, have made this company a leading supplier of personalised supplements and raw materials such as essential oils and natural extracts.

Discover Products FlowActives®

Products FlowActives®

Technical information: composition, characterization, characteristics

Below are the technical data sheets of some of the oils and extracts that we have microencapsulated for our customers:


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