Third-party manufacturing

How can we support your business?

Our experience extends over more than 45 years in the microencapsulation sector, guaranteeing a detailed and professional service, focused on meeting client needs and providing a high-quality product.

Our main activities consist in the processing of active ingredients supplied by our clients. Upon receipt of the raw materials, which must be completely liposoluble, our technicians perform a detailed documentary and microencapsulability analysis. The approved raw material is then microencapsulated and returned to the client in bulk for subsequent processing, accompanied by the relevant certificate of analysis.

Upon request, we also take care of selecting the active ingredients with the characteristics indicated by the client, completing thorough research at the site of our selected suppliers.

FlowActives® microcapsules are insoluble in water, being particularly suited to insertion in hard capsules or stick packs/sachets.

Thanks to our qualified technicians, our R&D service is always at hand to develop new microencapsulation projects together with the client.


New project development procedure

Find out how our technical team in collaboration with the R&D department can support you in the development of a new project.

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Our team is at hand to develop any new microencapsulation project with you. Please contact us for more information.