Supplier of Nutraceutical Raw Materials

The market for nutraceutical supplements is competitive and constantly growing, always on the lookout for innovation and quality. Over the years, IPS has established itself as a leading company in this field, becoming one of the main suppliers of cutting-edge nutraceutical raw materials in Italy and Europe.

With the increase in sales in the supplement sector, so have consumer demands. For this reason, scientific research aimed at developing increasingly innovative solutions remains at the foundation of IPS objectives.

FlowActives® microcapsules exemplify how technology creates solutions that increasingly target the needs of individuals. Their use in the formulation of nutraceutical supplements has several significant advantages.

The first of these is undoubtedly its mixability, which enables otherwise incompatible ingredients to be mixed together. This is made possible by a gastro-resistant polymer membrane that, in addition to protecting from oxidising agents, also prevents the transfer of unpleasant flavours.

Supplying cutting-edge nutraceutical raw materials is not just about offering quality products, but also ensuring their continuous improvement. This is why IPS pays special attention to research and development, working in collaboration with highly qualified staff.

IPS does not limit itself to the supply of raw materials in microcapsules but is always open to taking up new market challenges. For each new project proposed by customers, the company creates strategies, carries out in-depth analyses of the raw materials (primarily intended for the nutraceutical world) and sets up all the necessary arrangements for future industrial production.

Innovation, quality, and tailor-made solutions for each customer: the winning solution for the raw materials of your nutraceutical supplements.

Discover Products FlowActives®

Products FlowActives®

Technical information: composition, characterization, characteristics

Below are the technical data sheets of some of the oils and extracts that we have microencapsulated for our customers: