Supplier of microencapsulated raw materials for Juniper-based supplements

In the field of dietary supplements, juniper is emerging as a key ingredient for those seeking natural solutions to improve kidney function and promote proper hydration of the body. However, juniper oil has a flavor that is often considered unpleasant to consumers, which is why it is crucial to choose a reliable supplier of microencapsulated raw material .

IPS stands out as a leading supplier of microencapsulated raw materials for juniper-based supplements, thanks to its microencapsulation by coacervation technology. This innovative technique allows to preserve all the therapeutic properties of juniper oil, while at the same time masking its strong flavor.

Supplier microencapsulated raw materials Junipe

Microencapsulation by coacervation transforms juniper oil into dry microcapsules. This results in a product that not only keeps intact the beneficial properties of the oil, but also allows greater ease of formulation in solid oral forms, such as hard capsules and dispersible single-dose sachets. This process ensures that the oil content in the microcapsules is maintained between 75% and 85% , with a particle size ranging from 100 to 600 μm , extremely versatile for manufacturers.

The composition of IPS microcapsules is highly concentrated, with alpha-pinene and beta-pinene contents varying between 20-50% and 1-12% respectively. These components, together with the density of 0.6 g/ml , make IPS microcapsules a first choice ingredient for food supplements and nutraceuticals, guaranteeing a high quality final product that can satisfy the needs of any consumer.

Preserving the therapeutic properties of juniper oil is fundamental, but offering a solution to its not always pleasant flavor is even more important if we want to meet consumers' needs. In IPS, supplement manufacturers will find a reliable partner that guarantees quality, innovation and effectiveness.